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About The Camp By Penelope Sky

She betrayed me. 

After everything I did for her. 

Now I'll have to suffer the consequences of that mistake. 

But then I'll get the revenge that I deserve. 

I loved it!! I had so many emotions as I was reading it. It kept me in suspense to the every end. I loved that at the end, it’s a story about redemption & making things right. Can’t wait to read Fender’s story next!! Thank you Penelope!!💗

No matter what story Penelope write it’s always a thriller reading! Once you open the first page you won’t put the book down until your finish!! Highly recommend all her books!!

If you haven’t read the château, please read that book first. This book is the second is the series. I stayed up all night to finish this book, that’s how amazingly written it was! Penelope Sky has made another true work of art unlike anything else! It was mind blowing!! READ THIS SERIES!!